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I loved putting together the writing portfolio on this site. While it took time to go through samples upon samples that I’ve saved over the years, it also made me realize how lucky I am. Lucky to be doing what I love and making a living at it. It also made me realize in a way that I hadn’t before how each writing job – whether a full time position or a freelance gig – each gave me the opportunity to focus on something new and exciting.

View my writing portfolio here. 

My first job that was a full time copywriter position was at a rapidly growing health care company. I was the first writer they had on staff and I wrote EVERYTHING. It was amazing. I wrote direct mail for health care plans, I wrote TV commercials and radio ads, I wrote the member newsletter, and even the posters that hang in patient exam rooms. It was such a great education in marketing.

After that, I had a hankering to work at a university or college, and gained experience at an elite private college in Waterville, Maine, and later at the Foundation for the state’s public university system. Fundraising writing is the BEST! I get to exercise my persuasive copy chops while at the same time doing something good for the world. How perfect is that?

In between, I worked for three years at a multi-national bank, learning all about digital content for web and mobile, and about how U/X content is a different form of writing. In fact, it almost doesn’t look like writing at all. Call to action buttons, short blurbs, links to other short blurbs. It’s not something that makes a writer’s heart sing, but we tested, tested, tested, and it WORKED. Let’s face it, when people are looking for the way to log in to their bank- guess what? They don’t want to read a ton of content. They just need the link. Happy to serve.

I also have freelanced on and off for many years, so you’ll find some thought leadership content in my portfolio as well.

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